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The Mirror of Self Awareness

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As we approach 2022, what role does self-awareness play in emotional distress? The most humiliating wounds include traumatic memories, false beliefs, inaccurate view of self or others and defense mechanisms. Yet, when one other person provides a mirror, and even the smallest step toward interpersonal connection, the interaction helps the distressed person see themselves. The Reciprocating Self, by Jack Balswick, Pamela King and Kevin Reimer states, ”It is in relationship with another that we more fully encounter – not only the other but ourselves.”  Through dialogue, facial expression and emotion, the ancient practice of self-awareness within therapeutic relationship can be the catalyst for significant change.

“It is in relationship with another that we more fully encounter-not only the other but ourselves.”

~ J. Balswick, P. King and K. Reimer

The definition for self awareness from Foundations for Soul Care by Eric L. Johnson is “to reflect on and assess our own inner life and behavior, form plans and intentions and eventually choose to carry out a course of action.” Ancient writings have used metaphors such as a mirror, lamp or sword to symbolize the power that reveals our deepest hidden motives within a relationship that sends, accomplishes and enables. A self-awareness that empowers mind, heart and behavior change is a simple and courageous first step in counseling.

Ann Duval